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Virtual Consultation

Thank you for choosing Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery, a Nebraska Medicine facility.

Virtual consultations are for new cosmetic consultations only at Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery (no follow-up appointments and not at the Village Pointe Dreams MedSpa).

Patients must reside in Nebraska, be age 19 and older, have working internet connection, and at least one of the following devices: computer with webcam, smart phone, or tablet.

virtual consultations

How it works

  1. Call 402.596.4000 to schedule a virtual consultation.
  2. Your representative will book a consultation time that works with both you and your physician. Please note that you must provide your social security number and other sensitive information via phone to create a patient account.
  3. In order to utilize this service, you must have a One Chart | Patient account.
    Need a One Chart | Patient account? Request your account here or ask your representative to help you create an account.
  4. After the account is created, you can download the One Chart | Patient app. To connect via smart phone or tablet, search and download MyChart in the App Store (Apple) or Google play (Android).
  5. You will be sent a link via a One Chart | Patient message that will allow you to connect to your doctor the day of the consultation.