The SIEA (Superficial Inferior Epigastric Artery) Flap, like the DIEP Flap, replaces breast tissue removed during a mastectomy by relocating skin and fatty tissue from the stomach area and formulating a new, natural breast.

For some women, the blood vessels just under the skin in the lower stomach area may be chosen for the required reconstructive tissue. Otherwise, the procedures is similar to the DIEP flap. A bikini line incision is designed and the necessary skin, fat and tiny supplying blood vessels are taken. These vessels are paired with vessels where the breast tissue has been removed and reattached under a microscope.

Use of this free flap reconstruction technique benefits you, because your surgeon will relocate tissue while leaving the adjoining muscles undisturbed. In fact, the SIEA Flap allows for complete avoidance of the muscles, because the blood vessels used do not travel within the muscles.

Again like in the DIEP Flap, the resulting scarring in the lower stomach or pubic area is very similar to that of a tummy tuck.

Later, the nipples and areolas will be restored.


  • Dr. Miller and his team at Dreams Med Spa did a wonderful job from pre-op to surgery and follow up examinations. Takes the time to listen and finds exactly what works for you. Clean office and pre-op rooms, private and professional staff as well as on time appts. and follow up cares. I will be using them for any future needs I may have

  • Because I was treated for breast cancer at 32, I was fairly certain I would opt for reconstructive surgery. I didn't know which doc to go with. I'm so thankful someone steered me towards Dr. Miller. The process is a little lengthy in nature and getting "fills" to stretch the tissue to accommodate the new breast implants was not my favorite. But, cancer treatment is not a sprint...It's a marathon and this was just part of the treatment and recovery process. The discomfort was worth it, without a doubt. I'd do it again.

  • Since i was younger i knew i always wanted bigger breast. Once i was able to afford it i knew i had to do it and i’m soooo glad i did! This process was smooth and easier then i thought. If you are even questioning the procedure i suggest at least going in for a free consultation!!