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Imagine a lifetime of freedom from:

  • the worries of visible sweat stains
  • ruining your clothes with antiperspirants, or
  • having an embarrassing sweat breakout during a personal or professional encounter.

Take control of your life with miraDry® – a non-invasive solution designed to provide lasting results

The miraDry procedure is quick and non-invasive. The system delivers precisely controlled energy to the region where the underarm sweat glands reside, with the goal of eliminating the sweat glands in a non-invasive manner. Because the sweat glands do not come back or regenerate after treatment, the results are lasting. You can expect to see results immediately after treatment, with minimal to no downtime.

Dramatic sweat reduction without the use of harsh chemicals, toxins or surgery

The miraDry procedure uses the only non-invasive technology that is FDA-reviewed and clinically proven to dramatically reduce sweat and provide lasting results. Now there is a lasting solution to sweat control that doesn’t use harsh chemicals, toxins or surgery.

Advantages of the miraDry® procedure

  • Lasting results
  • Dramatic reduction
  • Immediate results
  • Non-invasive
  • Toxin-free
  • Minimal to no downtime
  • Quick in-office procedure

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Patient Testimonials from Dreams MedSpa Patients

I love miradry!  I used to sweat so much in my armpits that it would leave sweat rings halfway to my waist.  Now I am completely dry all the time.  I used to be so self conscious of the color of shirts and dresses I would wear, because I would always consider what would hide my sweating the best……which was usually black.  I so wish I would have done this years ago! So happy with my results!


I received my miraDry treatment in mid-September and  I am so happy with my results.  Before miraDry, I was very self-conscious about my underarm odor; I would wear a tight-fitting cardigan and have to wash it after wearing it for a couple hours because of my underarm odor; now I have not noticed any odor and was surprised to wear a cardigan and did not have to worry about washing it after only a couple of hours.  I would also purchase clothing based on color.  For example, I would have never purchased a grey shirt due to my underarm sweat – I have been able to wear any color and not worry about under arm pit stains in my clothing.


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miraDry – Testimonial 2