Liposuction is a procedure to remove the unwanted fat deposits from certain areas of the body. Common sites for liposuction include the face, neck, arms, back, hips, thighs, buttocks, and even knee and ankle areas. Liposuction is best suited for patients who have tried weight reduction through good dietary habits and exercise and who continue to have localized fat deposits.

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How is liposuction performed?

Unwanted fat is removed through cannulas (hollow tubes) placed through tiny incisions. The cannulas are attached to a suction apparatus that removes the fat creating a strong vacuum.

The procedure can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia frequently with sedation. Tumescent liposuction involves the injection of a large amount of injection solution to facilitate removal of fat with less blood loss, less bruising, and a faster recovery.

After the operation, patients must wear a compression garment to accelerate the healing process and to minimize swelling (edema).


  • Dr. Miller and his team at Dreams Med Spa did a wonderful job from pre-op to surgery and follow up examinations. Takes the time to listen and finds exactly what works for you. Clean office and pre-op rooms, private and professional staff as well as on time appts. and follow up cares. I will be using them for any future needs I may have

  • Because I was treated for breast cancer at 32, I was fairly certain I would opt for reconstructive surgery. I didn't know which doc to go with. I'm so thankful someone steered me towards Dr. Miller. The process is a little lengthy in nature and getting "fills" to stretch the tissue to accommodate the new breast implants was not my favorite. But, cancer treatment is not a sprint...It's a marathon and this was just part of the treatment and recovery process. The discomfort was worth it, without a doubt. I'd do it again.

  • Since i was younger i knew i always wanted bigger breast. Once i was able to afford it i knew i had to do it and i’m soooo glad i did! This process was smooth and easier then i thought. If you are even questioning the procedure i suggest at least going in for a free consultation!!