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The SGAP (Superior Gluteal Artery Perforator) Flap is an excellent option for women without sufficient tissue in the abdomen area to relocate for breast reconstruction or those women who simply prefer to use the upper buttock (where the SGAP lies) instead.

Almost all patients are candidates for breast reconstruction using this technique. The SGAP is different from the IGAP because each is in a different position on the buttock. This affects the resulting scar placement and the blood vessel used to supply the tissue. The SGAP uses tissue from the upper buttocks and the IGAP uses tissues from the lower buttocks.

Scarring is a major consideration when deciding which procedure would be best for you The SGAP scar is located in the upper buttock and is easily hidden by a French-cut bikini or underwear. The IGAP scar is located along the crease of the lower buttock. Otherwise, there is little difference between these techniques in terms of the reconstruction they provide. Your surgeon will suggest you choose the technique that best matches your preferences and anatomy.

For women who need reconstruction in both breasts, both the SGAP or the IGAP can be performed bilaterally at the time of mastectomy.