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Why a Mommy Makeover?

Carrying a child for nine months is one of the great joys of being a woman. Whether you had a great pregnancy and enjoyed every moment or were sick for the entire nine months, one thing most women can agree on is that pregnancy changed your body…forever. Even with a solid plan of healthy eating and exercising to lose all the baby weight, most women never get back the body that they had before pregnancy. Breasts that lost volume, a stomach that isn’t as tight, numerous stretch marks and fat in places it never was before are just some of the common complaints women have.

The “mommy makeover” is a customized group of procedures that you and your physician decide on together to address and reverse some of the changes your body has undergone. Commonly, the mommy makeover incorporates a breast procedure, a stomach procedure and liposuction.

The difference in your breasts after pregnancy can be dramatic. Some women maintain the size of the breast and have significant sagging and while some women lose volume and perkiness. The options in breast surgery are breast lift, breast lift with augmentationbreast augmentation or breast reduction. You and your physician will be able to determine what procedure would give the desired results.

During pregnancy, not only does your skin get stretched out but your abdominal muscles too. The tummy tuck is designed not only to remove excess outer skin, but also tighten the abdominal wall to the way it was before pregnancy. Mini tummy tucks are an option for women who don’t have a lot of excess skin.

The last common procedure in a mommy makeover is liposuction. Whether it is in your thighs, back, stomach or hips, most women add an extra layer of fat during pregnancy. The liposuction procedure is not designed to tighten skin, but to remove the excess fat and contour your body.

The mommy makeover isn’t designed as a weight loss plan or in place of diet or exercise. The ideal candidate is close to their ideal body weight and plan on maintaining a healthy and active life after surgery.

Every woman has a different body, different pregnancy and different goals for their procedures. This is why the consultation experience is so important. During your consultation your physician will visit with you. You’ll discuss concerns about your body, but also do a full health history to ensure there won’t be unexpected complications. You and your plastic surgeon can make the decision together on what procedures will best fit your needs.