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Three Breast Augmentation Trends to Watch for this Year

In 2018, breast augmentations are still among the most popular plastic surgery procedures requested. Over a quarter million of these surgeries were performed last year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

When referencing any type of trend in plastic surgery, the future is built on the past. Over time, increased options, innovations, advances in surgical techniques and better ways to achieve results emerge. Doctors are witnessing a rise in patient requests for noninvasive aesthetic procedures. Despite this, requests for breast enhancement aren’t slowing down, but rather shifting and improving.

So, let’s take a look at some of the changes and trends moving forward.


Desire for a More Natural Look

The days of the ideal female body type, featuring huge breasts and a tiny waist, is declining. A subtle – rather than obvious – change in breast size is on the rise. While in the past larger breasts were on trend, now there’s an increased desire for smaller implants (more C-cups than DD-cups). Throughout the United States, medium to full-size B cups are starting to trend as well. The desire for a more natural look is motivating this shift. Not all women are seeking out a dramatic increase anymore; instead, breast enhancement that can complement curves and create a more balanced overall figure that seems less obviously surgically altered is on the rise.

More and more women are opting for a more athletic, healthy appearanc

Greater numbers of women are seeking to balance having a voluptuous figure with other lifestyle factors as well. As we see an increase in women choosing a healthier and active lifestyle, more are choosing modest implants so their ability to do high-impact exercise is not as challenging. More and more women are opting for a more athletic, healthy appearance.

Women are also considering the long-term realities of larger implants. While attractive now, very large breast implants can cause significant sagging over time. Since most women do gain some weight as they age, larger implants today may become uncomfortable in the future.


Increased Choices for Implants

New technology is facilitating change as well. These days, women have a variety of different implant types to choose from. Today’s breast implants are much more advanced than a few decades ago.

Many different implant styles exist, ranging from round to tear drop (anatomical) shaped with a variety of dimensions and profiles. Implants can be textured or smooth walled and function differently depending on type. There’s silicone, saline and cohesive gel implants; all with their own unique functions. The type of an implant will depend on the characteristics of your individual breast. The best implant for each breast needs to be carefully selected and matched to achieve the specific goals for each particular patient.

It may be surprising to learn there has been a slight reduction (-4.5 percent) worldwide in the number of procedures using saline implants, and an increase (10 percent) in those using silicone, already by far the most popular breast augmentation type. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, this shift may continue into the coming year.


Breast Augmentation and Lift Combined

Choosing breast augmentation along with a breast lift is becoming increasingly popular. More and more, older women are electing to have this done, but some younger women as well. If a woman is over 40, has had multiple pregnancies, has breastfed or has lost a significant amount of weight, she may want to opt for a combination surgery.

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Combining augmentation and lift into one single surgery tends to be less stressful, leaves less scarring and is more cost-effective. It tends to be easier for the patient, reduces recovery and downtime, and is just as safe as a single surgery.

With all of this in mind, be sure to ask questions during your complimentary cosmetic consultation, especially if you are thinking about undergoing a breast enhancement procedure in the near future.

Consider the most important thing: Choose the overall approach and pick the surgeon that’s right for both you and your body.

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