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Tackle Acne Scarring, Aging Skin with the SkinPen

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As if suffering from acne as a teenager or adult isn’t tough enough, scarring that can result from its onset leaves a constant reminder of the psychosocial problems that may be left behind, including lowered self-esteem and body image, or social withdrawal. The Dreams MedSpa offers the SkinPen as a way to combat acne scarring, as well as a way to enhance the overall appearance of aging skin.

The SkinPen is designed to  stimulate your own skin’s natural ability to produce new collagen and elastin to result in healthier, younger-looking skin. It is safe for all types of skin and has very minimal downtime – ideal for a busy lifestyle.

“The reason why the SkinPen was so popular when we first introduced the service, and continues to be so popular, is because it is an aggressive procedure with little recovery time,” said Jodie Vandergriff, Staff Nurse.

After checking in for your Dreams MedSpa appointment, your provider will educate you on the procedure and will then apply an anesthetic to your clean skin, which must be left on the area for at least 30 minutes. After numbing, rubbing alcohol is applied to ensure that the skin is clean, followed by hyaluronic acid, which allows the SkinPen to glide freely and acts as a natural hydrator.

SkinPenTreatmentThe procedure typically takes about 30 minutes after numbing is complete and can be used to treat the face and neck. The needling device creates “micro” skin punctures, which in turn allows the skin to self-repair. After the procedure is complete, the patient will receive a sample size of “lift” and “rescue” products to combat any dryness or sensitivity that may occur directly following the treatment.

“The nice thing about the SkinPen is that the needle depth can be adjusted depending on the area of treatment,” said Vandergriff. “It also allows the provider to be as aggressive or not as invasive to the treatment area as needed, depending on the patient’s goals.”

The course of treatment will be determined by your provider, customized to you. Most patients receive a series of three treatments. Skin will be red directly following the treatment, but it typically subsides within a few days. Minor peeling may also result.

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