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SkinPen + PRF Now Offered at Dreams MedSpa

Dear Acne Scars,

It’s over.

We are excited to introduce SkinPen paired with platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) at Dreams MedSpa. This is a natural way to safely and effectively treat facial acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines.

Aesthetic nurse, Stephanie (Schweer) Shearman, BSN, RN applies numbing cream on patient, Gabriella Lundin.

What is SkinPen/microneedling?

“Microneedling is collagen-injection therapy,” says Dreams MedSpa aesthetic nurse; Kayti Bowling, BSN, RN. “It entails comfortably creating thousands of micro-injuries in the skin. What we are doing is activating our own body’s response to wound healing. This creates collagen and elastin, both found in our skin, which is lost through aging.”

The PRF procedure involves taking a sample of blood from the patient. How do people typically react to this? 

“People tend to react very well to this,” says Bowling. “These are healthy patients and it’s a simple process. We have patients hydrate a few days before and we tend to take the sample from their arm.”

What is the difference between PRP (platelet rich plasma) and PRF (platelet rich fibrin)? 

“Through PRF, we are able to obtain more cells,” says Dreams MedSpa nurse practitioner; Amy Muchowicz, APRN. “Centrifuging blood is a slower process with PRF. We are also able to extract your own growth factors and your own healing factors, and there’s no additives in the tubes that we use so it’s more natural. PRF produces greater results through skin vibrancy, fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring.

A blood sample is obtained, which will undergo the centrifuge process of extracting good cells. These cells will accelerate healing time and produce more noticeable results.

What type of skin concerns does SkinPen + PRF combat?

“This procedure is great for combating acne scarring,” says Bowling. “When we are young, we don’t necessarily know how to combat acne so this procedure allows skin to be healed from the inside, out. It is also great for improving skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles and pores.”

What areas of the face can be treated? 

“Your entire face can be treated with the SkinPen + PRF, as well as the neck and decollete,” says Muchowicz. We try to utilize all of those treatment areas to give you the best results.”

Is this a treatment you need to come back for regularly?

“Patients who have received the traditional SkinPen are loving the SkinPen + PRF because they see results faster,” says Muchowicz. “We do recommend doing a series of these procedures and they are traditionally sold as a series of three. A patient with acne scarring may need five or six treatments.

Does the treatment hurt?

“We start with a numbing cream,” says Bowling. “The vibration of the pen seems to trick your face into not feeling the pain so it is a fairly comfortable procedure.”

Is there any downtime? 

“Typically you are going to have about 24 hours of downtime,” says Muchowicz. “We encourage you to go home with that PRF on your face and leave it on as long as possible.


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Watch as Bowling performs a SkinPen + PRF procedure on patient, Nikki Kendall with commentary from Muchowicz.