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Sculptra Aesthetic

Collagen is a key structural component that keeps skin looking youthful and smooth.  At around age 30 that collagen starts breaking down and we start to notice the first signs of an aging face.  Collagen acts as a support structure for your skin and when it breaks down, fine lines and wrinkles appear.  Sculptra Aesthetic is a unique facial injectable that provides a whole new way to think about and treat facial aging. 

KristenHammesSculptra Aesthetic targets the underlying causes of the signs of facial aging. It replaces collagen loss and supports the deep dermis layer of your skin.  This reinforced collagen structure will help to correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds by replacing lost volume.  You can expect to see a subtle, steady improvement in lines and wrinkles resulting in a more youthful look.  Typically, two to three treatments are done four to six weeks apart.

Kristen Hammes, APRN