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For the Mother Age 60+

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Just when you think you’re done for the time-being, you realize that being a mother never ends. Women ages 60+ have been through it all. They have seen their children succeed, they have seen them fail, and everything in between. Some have even seen their own children become mothers themselves. We asked Roz Fisk, Licensed Esthetician for skin care advice for women ages 60+. What can these women do to maintain their radiant yet experienced skin?

Question: What general advice would you give a woman age 60+ as it relates to a skin care regimen? 

Answer: Always be proactive in your skin care regimen, at any age. I strongly recommend using medical grade products as there are far more active ingredients in them that will give you the results you truly desire. Supplements are also extremely beneficial – I love Omegas and Vitamin C.

Question: What order should products in the regimen be applied? 

Answer: A basic skin care regimen for a woman at this age includes a cleanser, an exfoliator to be used 2-3 times weekly, a treatment product to use in the a.m., and a protective sunscreen to be used every day, even in the winter. I’d also recommend a treatment product, such as one with growth factors, in the p.m. A good retinol will provide cellular turnover and can be used nightly.

Question: What about peels or other treatments? 

Answer: Chemical peels are a great way to expedite your product results. Your skin tends to get “used to” treatments, so I recommend switching it up and getting a Silk peel the following month. Dermaplaning (a non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure which uses a special scalpel to remove vellus hair) is another great treatment option that can be paired with anti-aging efforts. In addition to exfoliating and removing unwanted hair, dermaplaning can also help with fine lines and wrinkles and help increase product absorption.

Question: Any last advice for these ladies?

Answer: A product that contains growth factors to use at night would be a great addition to your skin care regimen. Growth factors are natural substances that the skin produces to maintain its health. As we age, the skin produces less of these cells naturally. A product that contains growth factors will help support skin rejuvenation and it will provide extra anti-aging benefits.