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For the Mother in her 40’s or 50’s

Mothers between the ages of 40-59 live in a constant state of transition. Children range in age during these years, and they are often transitioning themselves. Likewise, these moms sometimes find themselves taking on the role of caregiver to their own parents, and they must allow themselves the flexibility to progress with whatever comes their way. We asked Brooke Engeman, Licensed Esthetician for skin care advice for women in this age range. How can these women transition their own beauty routine to meet new skin care needs?

Question: What general advice would you give a woman in her 40’s or 50’s as it relates to a skin care regimen? 

Answer: At this stage in life, I most often hear clients say they want to correct age spots, wrinkles, elasticity or dryness. A basic skin care routine that uses medical grade products will provide the best results. Products to include in your basic regimen include a cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer, eye cream and sunscreen.

Question: How are these products used?

Answer: You’ll want to use a cleanser every day and an exfoliator twice a week. I would recommend an anti-aging moisturizer and an eye cream as well. A good moisturizer can have very beneficial effects on the visual signs of aging if used regularly, and the eyes are quick to show age and fatigue – an eye cream will help with this. Of course, don’t forget your sunscreen, it is a necessity at any age. In addition, I suggest using products that target and treat specific conditions that you personally want to improve.

Question: What about peels or other treatments? 

Answer: A monthly peel will compliment the skin care routine that you are actively doing at home each morning and night. This will maintain and even speed up your results.  

Question: Any last advice for these ladies?

Answer: Adding a retinol to your nightly regimen is something that I always advise. A retinol speeds up cell regeneration and is a must to any anti-aging skin care routine.