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Don’t sweat it! How to end excessive sweating

Sweating is one of those facts of life that most of us don’t like to talk about. However, for some people, like Amanda Brummels, excessive sweating can prevent them from living a normal life. For most of Brummels’ adult life, her sweating was so excessive that she had to bring multiple changes of clothes with her whenever she left her home. It started in junior high school. Between classes, she would run to the restroom to change tops. Classmates made fun of her. She began to plan her wardrobe around clothes that revealed less sweat – tank tops, black tops and sweatshirts. It was embarrassing and humiliating, she recalls.

Brummels tried sports but eventually quit all but one because she couldn’t keep up with the excessive sweating and constant uniform changes. She gradually withdrew from social activities or any outings that might take more than an hour or two. Her sweating created massive social anxiety.

“It literally ruled my life,” recalls Brummels. “I had to plan everything around sweating and my ability to change clothing.”

Brummels suffers from a medical condition called hyperhidrosis, in which the sweat glands produce an extreme abundance of sweat. While excessive sweating affects approximately 20% of the population, about 2 to 3% of these cases fall into the category of hyperhidrosis. With hyperhidrosis, you may sweat heavily for no reason. Social situations, anxiety and exercise can make it worse.

Brummels tried topical creams that can help decrease sweating, but found no relief. She considered Botox injections, which can temporarily block the release of neurotransmitters that trigger excessive sweating. However, the injections would have to be repeated every four to six months. Financially, this was not a doable option.

Then she heard about a procedure offered at Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery & Dreams MedSpa called miraDry.® MiraDry® uses thermal energy to destroy the sweat glands permanently and reduce unpleasant body odor. The outpatient procedure takes about two hours, requires no downtime and begins to work immediately. Most people only need one treatment in a lifetime to significantly reduce underarm sweating.

The procedure is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved to treat the underarms and has an 80 to 90% success rate, says Stephanie Schweer, RN, a nurse at Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery | Dreams MedSpa. “Most patients are ecstatic about the results and find it is well worth the investment.”

If excessive sweating has become embarrassing and affects your ability to function normally, you may want to get it evaluated, notes Schweer. While it may be a symptom of hyperhidrosis, in some cases, it may also be the result of other medical conditions such as thyroid problems, diabetes or infection. These cases are likely to come on more suddenly and should be evaluated. Some medications can also cause sweating.

“This has been life changing,” Brummels says. “I feel like I’ve been given a new life.”

Brummels, says she has started doing things that she hasn’t done in years – wearing blouses and dresses, going to business events, getting out for social activities and even giving people hugs.

“I guess you could say I led a very limited life before the procedure,” she admits. “Now I have no limits on where I can go, what I can do or what I can wear and it feels amazing.”

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