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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Considering a Cosmetic Procedure? Schedule a Virtual Consultation


If you’ve ever considered a cosmetic procedure but were reluctant to follow through, lived too far away or just couldn’t find time to make the appointment happen, a virtual consultation, now available at Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery, may make that session easier. Learn how you can schedule a free, virtual consultation available to new patients considering a cosmetic procedure to the body, face or breasts.

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Hydrafacial5Do you have 30 minutes to improve the health and appearance of your skin? If so, a HydraFacial may be the skin treatment for you.

A HydraFacial is a hydradermabrasion facial procedure that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, hydrates and replenishes the skin with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. “It can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, oily or acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation and brown spots,” says Jessica Murdock, esthetician at Dreams MedSpa, located just west of the Village Pointe shopping center. “When done regularly, the treatment can help improve the appearance and long-term health of your skin.”

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